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Stallion Prospect                          $400

Estimated size:  5 to 7 full pages of text with 6 to 10 additional pages of accompanying race record, race charts, catalog style pedigree, and
six-cross pedigree chart, varying with each report.

The body of the report is in three main parts.  The first part is a brief discussion of the horse's record on the track. This is to determine patterns of
(age of maturity, best distance, racing surface, soudness, etc.) and evaluate how it affects the prospect's potential and desirability as a
stallion within the target market place.

The second part is a discussion of the horse's pedigree, the overall quality, then specifically his sire, sireline, dam, female family, and pedigree
patterns to determine where this horse fits in the selected gene pool and his value as a breeding animal. Some suggestions will be made
as to what bloodlines might work best with him in testing what he has to offer the gene pool, although a more in-depth report would be available
with the Stallion Mating Report ($750).

The third part is a discussion of the horse's conformation and that of his immediate ancestry.  This helps evaluate his appeal as a breeding animal
and also provides some cautions and suggestions as to how he may be received by breeders and what kind of mares he may suit best.

The fourth part is a chart showing the positive points and negative points balanced against eachother to help the owner see the prospect as
objectively as possible, followed by a general recommendation regarding this horse as a potential stallion.